Core Cast


Gias (Gee-as)

The third sucessor of Mana Guardians. Tasked with protecting Earth's natural flow of Mana from imbalance or perversion. With a gentle temperament, she apporaches those around her with an open heart and mind.

Dedicated to her task she will endeavour to persue the course of action that ends in the least amount of life lost. Her outward appearance, however, disguises a determined warrior and devious trickster.

Her greatest fear lies in losing her only treasure in life.


Vivian Marie Dorset

Attentive and punctual, vivian brings a strict if but efficent routine to her life and those she keeps close. She strives to ensure the mundane needs of others are met sufficently.

Although she is kind, her trust is not easily earned. And even more difficult to regain if lost. At times she may seem harsh. But the truth of it is that simple. And sometimes she feels people need to hear the truth more. Even if it may hurt at first.

Above all, Vivian is devoted to the Creators for a self proclaimed life debt she feels owed to Gias.


Mahkah (Mar-car)

A scholar by nature, intelligent and knowledgeable. Versed in many academic studies, Mahkah values the preservation of history and research. Believing that a smart approach can solve any problem.

though sometimes stubborn and hot-headed, he is quick to calm and promotes responsibility of ones own actions. Mahkah holds a strong sense of equality, as well as promoting a strong cohesion within a family, regardless if members differ in opinion.

Supporting Cast



A once imperial slave, now an employee of Vivian as a direct attendant to Gias. Although she appears quiet and timid, Kaitlyn has shown to be effective and attentive to details. She tries her best all the time, but doubts her own abilities will ever be as good as they should be.



The dedicated if but stern regnant of Novus Britania, loyal to the Creator cause and to the prosperity of the people who trussed him to lead their nation. A man of honour Arthur upholds traditions where possible and values the integration of culture, so long as it is not destructive.


Illitran (Ill-ee-tran)

The Prime of Argentium, the city of glass and home of the Lerens. An intelligent, charismatic man whom often gets easily lost in deep thought. Having decades of experience in leading has given Illitran a calm and patient attitude. Sometimes he can be too honest, leading to an apologetic nature.